🔴Binance Under Attack! | This Week in Crypto – Oct 10, 2022

Binance blockchain is hacked, Celsius leaks user data in court case, and Satoshi’s lost Bitcoin code is found. These stories and more this week in crypto.

Binance’s BNB blockchain has been hacked

Hackers have stolen about $600 million in BNB tokens from Binance. The hackers targeted the Binance Bridge, a cross-chain bridge that allows the transfer of tokens between two blockchains operated by the Binance exchange, collectively known as the BNB Chain. Once discovered, Binance halted the blockchain entirely and expects many of the tokens to be frozen or recovered.

User data leaked Celsius in bankruptcy

Bankrupt crypto lender Celsius has revealed the transaction history of hundreds of thousands of its customers in a court filing. The 14,500-page document included information such as customer names, crypto wallet IDs, transaction types and amounts, what services the customer used, and the types and amounts of tokens they held. The data leak received widespread condemnation on social media.

Coinbase released a documentary film

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong announced a new film titled Coin: A Founder’s Story. The film was created by Coinbase in collaboration with Greg Kohs, a 10-time Emmy Award-winning director. The trailer reveals that the film covers the origin and rise of Coinbase since its debut on the US public markets and features several prominent figures in the industry.

Visa and FTX launch crypto cards

Visa and FTX Exchange have teamed up to issue Visa debit cards linked to FTX accounts in 40 new countries. The launch will begin in Latin America, where cryptocurrency holders will be able to pay for goods and services using digital assets in their FTX wallets with any of Visa’s network of 80 million merchants.

Mastercard launches “Crypto Secure”

Mastercard continues to move towards cryptography, introducing a new tool to combat fraud. The new service called Crypto Secure will help banks assess the risks associated with crypto traders on their network. The product is powered by CipherTrace, a blockchain security startup acquired by Mastercard last year.

Swiss McDonald’s Accept Crypto

Stablecoin issuer Tether partners with GoCrypto to bring mass adoption of bitcoin, tether and LVGA, the official local payment token of the city of Lugano in Switzerland, closer. The initiative, called Fundació Plan ₿, is designed to allow the citizens of Lugano to use their wallets at McDonald’s and art galleries with more companies to join.

Sega will release the first Blockchain game

Japanese gaming giant Sega has announced its first blockchain game. In collaboration with Double Jump Tokyo, the game will be based on a popular arcade game, called Sangokushi Taisen. The structure of the game allows its players to use virtual cards on the virtual field, so it lends itself to the implementation of blockchain elements, but the details have not yet been confirmed.

Satoshi’s Lost Bitcoin Code Found

A Bitcoin enthusiast has discovered the oldest upload of version 0.1 of the Bitcoin codebase. Jim Blasko’s discovery is the first known, untampered version of Bitcoin and includes Satoshi’s personal annotations. Blasko said that while there may be older versions of Bitcoin’s codebase, he believes his discovery is the cleanest original version of Bitcoin.

That’s what happened this week in crypto, see you next week.

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