GOLD Edge GUIDE – My Trading – 9 October 2022

GOLD Edge is an EA designed specifically for GOLD (XAUUSD) and can also be used on any financial instrument, any pair.
This EA trades following trends using moving averages and RSI of various timeframes. Use GRID trading.

Advantage of GOLD Edge:
This EA is closed with the “DD Reduce” function when it goes down.
You can set trailing stop for “GRID trading” and “DD Reduce” function.
Manual operations can be done through the panel. These are automatically adjusted as GRID series.
You can also manually close all transactions. and more

DD reduction function:
It is a function to close the oldest order with bad profit and loss along with the latest order.

Notes on Setfile:

Don’t use the Setfile I attached in the comment. Is there a mistake. setup files is at the bottom.


The M5 time frame is recommended.

Minimum deposit $3000.

Pair: XAUUSD (can also be used on any financial instrument, any pair.)

Recommended assembly files are at the bottom.

Adjust Start LotSize, Max Lotsize, Max Trades according to your wealth.
You can adjust the reduction and gain by changing the parameters of the GRID category.
If you can use a tester, use the tester to make the adjustments.

If you have any questions, ask me.

Basic configuration

Magic number – Magic number. Change it if necessary.
Use Short Trading: Enable short trading (selling).
Use Long Trade: Enable long trade (buy).

money management

Auto Batch Size – Enable automatic batch size setting using Maney’s management feature.
Automatic Maximum Batches: Enable automatic maximum batch size using Maney’s management feature.
Base margin for each lot size: The amount of base funds for Maney’s management function.

Commerce Parm

Start LotSize – Initial lot size.
Take Profit – Liquidation profit.
Take Profit (DD Reduce) – Take profit when using the DD Reduce (DrawDown Reduce) function.
Slip – Slip.
Number of digits after the decimal point: The number of digits after the decimal point in the batch. Please match the broker.
Use Hedging Trade: Make a double floor trade.
Stop Loss (not recommended) – Stop Loss (dot) When using Trailing Stop (DD), only the first order is valid. 0.0=Not used.


Use trailing stop: Enable trailing stop.
TrailStart pips – Final start value.
TrailStop pips: trail stop value.
Use Trailling Stop (DD Reduce): Enables the trailing stop when using the DD Reduce function.
TrailStart pips (DD Reduce) – Later start value when the DD Reduce function.
TrailStop pips (DD Reduce) – Trail stop value when the DD Reduce function.


Maximum batch size – Maximum batch size.
Batch Multiplication Start Count: Number of operations to start batch multiplication.
Batch Multiplier: Batch amplification value.
Max Trades: Maximum number of trades (bigger is better, but risk is higher)
Start DD Reduction Count: Number of operations to start the DD reduction function.
Distance – Distance (amount) to do the next operation when going back.
Start Distance Multiply Count – Number of operations to start multiplying Distance.
Distance Multiplier: Distance amplification value.


MA Short Period – Short period moving average.
MA Long Period – Moving Average Long Period.
Use RSI Filter: Use the current RSI filter.
Use the RSI(H1) filter: Use the RSI H1 filter.
Use RSI(D1) filter: Use the RSI D1 filter.
Min RSI% – Current RSI Min.
Max RSI% – Current RSI Max.
Min RSI% (H1) – H1 Min RSI.
RSI Max.$(H1) – H1 RSI Max.
Min RSI% (D1) – D1 Min RSI.
Max RSI% (D1) – D1 Max RSI.

By default (versions up to 2022/9), D1 RSI is set to Min40, Max60.
In this case, if the downtrend continues and the D1 RSI breaks below 40, do not trade the sell.
Also, if the uptrend continues and the D1 RSI is above 60, do not buy trades.
If you want to trade more, reduce Min to 30 and set Max to 70 and you will get more trades.
However, it also increases risk, so please use it with caution.

Time to negotiate

Use time filter – Time filter on.
Start Time – Trade start time (hours).
Start minute – Trade start time (minutes).
End Time: Trade end time (hours).
End Minute – Trade end time (minutes).

Day of the week to negotiate

Trade on Monday – Trade on Monday enabled.
Trade on Tuesday – Trade on Tuesday enabled.
Trade on Wednesday – Trade on Wednesday a.
Trade on Thursday – Trade on Thursday activated.
Trade on Friday – Trade on Friday a.

Trend loss reduction

Don’t trade if you don’t know the moving average.
or do enough testing.

This parameter also filters commercial entries. (Do not enter if there are signs of a reversal)

Use Trend Reversal Loss Cut (TRLC) – Use Trend Reversal Loss Cut
Trend Reversal Time MA – moving average time period to detect trend reversal.
Trend Reversal Short MA – Short MA
MA Long Trend Reversal – MA Long

Cut losses

Capital Percentage (%) Loss Reduction – Reduces losses by a percentage of capital
Equity Percentage – Percentage of the provision amount on equity

Panel settings

Button Size Base – Size of the button on the panel.
Base font size – The font size of the panel.

GOLD Edge SetFiles (V2.5):


Trend Reversal Filter (Stop loss is performed when a trend reversal is detected. Fewer entries, but less risky trades.)




For the recent downtrend (slightly riskier) from 2022/9



Trend Reversal Filter (Stop loss is performed when a trend reversal is detected. Fewer entries, but less risky trades.)




For the recent downtrend (slightly riskier) from 2022/9


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