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In this introduction, let me give you the reason why I created “T Manager”.

I started my business journey 6 years ago. It wasn’t an easy road, but over time I learned a lot and gained experience. It took me a significant effort understand how to manage my operationsand how to do it calculate my lot size respect a certain risk threshold. When it comes to placing a trade, the the price always moved quickly while I try to calculate my risk, find the MetaTrader buy or sell button and set my SL and TP. It was already late! The price is far from my entrance! Put a limit on stop orders was always a guessing game at first, and if I’m lucky, Meta Trader doesn’t throw “INVALID STOP LOSS” at me. And when I manage to make a trade, I needed it act quickly to close it or break evenand I needed it spend hours in front of my computer doing midterms.

Based on this need and the need of other traders around me, I created “T Manager”an easy interface to plan, execute and manage your operations.


  • Define your risk based on your current capital. T Manager will not allow you to risk more than 10% on one trade.
  • Be aware of your monetary risk.
  • Find out your reward risk by simply dragging your TP, SL and Entry price lines.
  • T Manager will automatically adjust your TP lines according to your entry price and Stop loss on the chart.
  • Once your operation is planned, with a single click you can set up your orders.
  • T Manager will remove any order type that does not match your current trade setup on the chart
  • As the price and spread move, whenever you place an instant buy or sell order, you will be informed by a message based on the current market price of your risk and risk-reward.
  • Everything opened by the current symbol is available in a drop-down list, easy to access from one place.
  • Order and position information is displayed: type, profit, risk, …
  • With one click you can close your position, or half of it, or set the balance of winning trades
  • And finally, each trade has three levels of partial profits, each level has its own percentage to subtract from the current position size when reached.


If you are looking for an efficient trade manager, assistant or panel, I suggest you try “T Manager”.

“T Manager” it was designed by traders for traders

You can find attached to this article a demo version of MT4 and MT5. They only work in demo accounts for EURUSD pairs.

You can purchase the version for your live accounts at the following links:

Feel free to try them out and share your feedback with us.


You can find a full demo of “T Manager” on our YouTube channel: Trade with a T. Feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications to receive our latest videos.

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