Solo Stove: New fire pit colors

We’re so in love with the season of marshmallow roasting and bonfires, so backyard fire pits are a really nice outdoor accessory this time of year. Just in time to get into the fall spirit, smokeless fire pit maker Solo Stove has just released its Fire Pit 2.0 in four color options, meaning you can now customize the look of your fire pit beyond classic stainless steel to complement your patio or exterior. color scheme

Best of all? To welcome them to the product range, Solo Stove has 40% off the colorful new fire pit packs (they come with an extremely handy stand).

This mid-sized pit now comes in red, black, green and navy in addition to the classic stainless steel.

The Yukon, Solo Stove’s largest fire pit offering, is also available in the new shades.

Each of the shades is extremely autumnal. There’s a deep blue, olive green, apple red and on-trend utilitarian black joining the regular stainless steel offerings.

The new colors are available for two sizes of Solo Stove: the mid-sized Bonfire 2.0, which is great for patios and still portable enough for camping, and the Yukon 2.0 for getting the group together.

The “2.0” indicates that they are the newly redesigned and relaunched models, which feature a removable ashtray and are generally much easier to clean. They also have a special airflow design that makes them essentially smokeless, meaning they won’t disturb (or alarm) the neighbors.

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