My Favorite Excerpt from the Kanye Interview with Tucker Carlson – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

It’s all great and worth watching in its entirety.

“After sitting down with Jared, I was like these guys could have really been holding Trump down and being a great handler. They loved looking at me or looking at Trump like we’re so crazy and they’re the businessmen. Then when I think about all these things, that Jared somehow doesn’t get enough credit for his “work” and what is his job in Israel? You know, where he made those peace treaties? I just think it was to make money. It’s too much heavy to put it on this platform?

And I just think that’s what it’s all about is making money. I don’t think they have the ability to do anything on their own, I think they were born with money. And for me, as a maverick and a talent and a person who has been kicked and lost everything, who is said to have lost his mind, who became a billionaire, as a person that he has really built something from nothing, when I sit down at the table. of a Josh Kushner and he just feels very entitled to this idea and this person has never contributed anything of value other than being a good venture capitalist, I have a big problem with that. And it makes me feel like they weren’t serving my boy Trump like we could, you know because Trump wanted nothing but the best for this country.

Moses stammered: God will not always bring the most perfect personality. Many times the most fake people, their job is to talk and make people feel comfortable. And most real people will make you feel uncomfortable at first.”

Part 2 of Tucker’s Kanye interview will air Friday night. It’s hard to believe that it can be better than the first part, but these two can surprise us.

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