Visa Launches Bitcoin, Crypto Cards In 40 Countries – Bitcoin Magazine

  • FTX is launching crypto- and bitcoin-backed debit cards in 40 countries.
  • The exchange partnered with Visa and will focus on Latin America, Asia and Europe.
  • The offer is available to US users and now the partnership will be extended internationally.

Visa has partnered with one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX, to launch bitcoin and cryptocurrency debit cards internationally, according to a press release.

“The debit cards, which are linked directly to a user’s FTX accounts, are currently available in the United States and are now being rolled out globally in more than 40 additional countries, including many in Latin America,” p[erThenextphaseoftheprogramThenextphaseoftherolloutfortheFTX-brandedVisadebitcardsisexpectedinEuropebeforetheendoftheyearwithadditionalregionallaunchesplannedfor2023[erLasegüentfasedelprogramaS’esperaelllançamentdelestargetesdedèbitVisadelamarcaFTXaEuropaabansdefinalsd’anyiespreveuenllançamentsregionalsaddicionalsperal2023[erThenextphaseoftherolloutfortheFTX-brandedVisadebitcardsisexpectedinEuropebeforetheendoftheyearwithadditionalregionallaunchesplannedfor2023

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