Iowa Reporter Comes Out As Transgender: ‘I’m So Excited For The World To Get To Know Nora’

A local television reporter from Des Moines, Iowa, came out as transgender to viewers in her community this week, re-introducing herself on air as Nora JS Reichardt.

Reichardt, who has worked at WOI Local 5 News since July 2021, shared her name and pronouns during a segment Thursday hosted by KARE 11’s Eva Andersen, a former Local 5 reporter.

“Today is special here at Local 5. We welcome back a friend and colleague. You’ve welcomed her into your homes over the past year, depending on her to cover the big stories and bring you critical information,” Andersen said. “Tonight, Local 5’s Nora Reichardt wants you to meet the real Nora, her real self.”

Reichardt told viewers that for a long time, she didn’t think she could open up so publicly.

“At least not in the air like this,” he said. “I didn’t know if there was a place and a space to do this kind of work that I really loved and enjoyed, while also getting to be myself while doing it.”

She said she had been thinking about her identity since high school, but growing up in a very beautiful rural area, “I didn’t even have the language to describe what I was feeling.” Reichardt is from Hanover, Minnesota.

“I thought I was just depressed. I thought I was just anxious. And I’ve had those feelings almost as long as I can remember,” she added.

The 24-year-old said she has been coming to terms with her identity as a transgender woman for several years. In September 2021, counseling and the medical transition process began.

“There was a decent period of time where everyone in my life functionally knew me as Nora, except for the viewers at home,” she said.

Reichardt told viewers how she decided on her name, what it was like to come out to her family, some of the treatments and medications she needed as part of her transition, and other details about her experience.

“There’s beauty in that process. And I wish it was talked about more. Especially among people who are cis and aren’t as familiar with it,” she said of transitioning. “What I find is learning to love my body, love myself and how I want to live my life is the best act of self-realization I could ever imagine.”

In August, another reporter, veteran ESPN reporter MA Voepel, came out as transgender to his readers.

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