Stephen Colbert Trolls Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene With A Joke So Dirty He Can’t Even Show It

Stephen Colbert and his “Late Show” crew pulled a prank so raunchy they couldn’t even show it on TV. And it was aimed at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) or, as Colbert called her, the “damn little girl made of silly putty and hate.”

Greene recently complained about electric cars, claiming they “masculinize” drivers, and criticized Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for promoting the vehicles.

Colbert mocked Greene by mimicking her.

“He thinks electric cars should use the same bathrooms as gas cars,” Colbert said.

Buttigieg also took shots at Greene this week.

“I literally don’t even understand what that means,” he told Fox News. “My sense of manhood is not related to whether or not my vehicle runs on gas or electricity.”

But Colbert’s team took their comments even further by creating a mock ad for the Pontiac Schvantz — a car so “masculine” that they had to pixelate it to show it on TV:

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