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Welcome visitor! In this article we’re going to talk about user interface buttons, or in other words, the means you can use to manually interfere with DooZER. If you prefer to take a look at the rest of the available information first, you can always visit the blog’s main page, where you will find all the articles. As always… happy reading!

User buttons

Pause EA

Very simple, the “Pause EA” button will force DooZER to pause once it has closed the current basket. It’s what we call an active pause, meaning DooZER will still manage the current basket by opening new trades if necessary to take the benefits out of the basket, and then stop its activity. Once the “Pause EA” button has been pressed, its text will change to “Resume EA”. As long as the current basket is still open, you can simply press the button again if you change your mind about pausing DooZER. The button will become inactive and the text will return to “Pause EA”. After the current basket is closed, the button will remain active and DooZER will be inactive until you press “Resume EA”. To avoid pressing the button by mistake, when you click “Pause EA” or “Resume EA” you will see a confirmation pop-up where you will have to ratify your action.

EA pause button


These buttons were designed with those times in mind when you are not comfortable with the current price behavior and would rather not wait until DooZER hits the cart profit. It’s one of those times when you’d rather have the basket closed as soon as possible because you don’t want to wait. As you can imagine, it is possible (and actually better to use it) when used in conjunction with the “Pause EA” button, i.e. when you want to stop DooZER as soon as possible and don’t want to wait until the profit of the basket is coming: in such cases, you will use both “Pause EA” and “Break Even” together, most likely. Please note that after DooZER closes the current basket at breakeven, it will not stop trading unless the “Pause EA” button has already been pressed.

How the balance function works is already explained in the article “DooZER Input Parameters in Detail”, but let’s go over it again: as soon as you press the button, DooZER it will start looking to break the current open basket as tight as possible unless the desired basket profit is achieved. In case the floating P/L is positive, DooZER will place what we like to call a Stop-Loss Break Even (although no actual stop-loss is placed), meaning the basket will be closed if the positive floating P/L. it falls back to zero. If, on the other hand, the floating P/L is negative, DooZER will place a so-called Take-Profit Break Even (no actual takeprofit is placed either), which means that the basket will be closed if the floating P is negative . /L goes to zero. Since a design decision does not set a stop loss or a real profit, DooZER will try to break even as quickly and as tightly as possible, but note that in the event that the price moves very quickly, the profit made might not be exactly zero but a few cents above or below.

If you change your mind and you no longer want to break the current basket, press the button again (it doesn’t say “Disable BrE”) and it will become inactive and its text will return to “Break Even”. To avoid pressing the button by mistake, when you click “Break Even” or “Disable BrE” you will see a confirmation pop-up where you will have to ratify your action.

Balance button

close everything

The good old “panic button” you can press if you want to close all open positions for any reason. Since closing the cart is a very conscious decision on the part of the user, we understand that you want to take a moment to think about what you want to do next, and that’s why we decided to pause DooZER (see “Pause EA” section above) until you press the “Resume EA” button again.

It is important to understand this the “Close All” button is always available no matter what News, waiting to close the basket, balance or not… the moment you press “Close all” you will close all open positions as fast as possible. To avoid pressing the button by mistake, when you click “Close all” you will see a confirmation pop-up where you will have to ratify your action.

Close all confirmation popup button

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