Understanding Pauses – Trading Systems – 5 October 2022

Hello visitor! In this article we will learn more about the types of breaks that DooZER can take. We recommend that you take a look at the related article “Internal Functions: AutoPause, AutoBreakEven, AutoClose & LockIn”, where we talk about pauses a bit when discussing the AutoPause function. Hhappy reading!

Before starting…

Although there is no true name for the two types of pauses that DooZER can take, for the sake of this article, let’s divide them into passive and active pauses. Also, with the exception of the manual pause, i.e. when the user presses the “Pause EA” button, all other pauses discussed in this article are autopauses and therefore subject to having the corresponding filter active (news filter, NFP filter, etc.). Now let’s go!

Passive pauses

This is the type of pause where DooZER will not open a new basket after closing the current one, and also will not open any new business in the current cart. This is the break we take in case of…:

As mentioned in the article “DooZER’s Input Parameters In Detail”, a scheduled scheduled break is treated as if it were breaking news, so in this category we only have news. It should now be clear why DooZER will not open any new business for the current basket, because when There is news waiting to happen the last thing you want is to open new trades.So to summarize, DooZER will not trade at all during this kind of news but will control the basket in case it reaches the desired profit.Also there are AutoBreakEven features and AutoClose explained in the article “Internal functions: AutoPause, AutoBreakEven, AutoClose & LockIn”, but when it comes to opening new trades, DooZER will not do so during this type of pause.

Active breaks

The other type of pause is when DooZER won’t open any new baskets after the current one, though can open new trades in the current basket to close it. This is the kind of break we have in case of…:

  • Non-agricultural payroll day.
  • Friday, preparing for the weekend.
  • Manual pause by the user by pressing the “Pause EA” button.

These are pauses where, in theory, we have time to manage the basket and close it profitably, then DooZER will stop. There is a sense or urgency to stop with the other type of pause, which is why DooZER will continue to open transactions if necessary until the current basket closes, and then stop.

Notice how during this type of pause the status messages start with “waiting to pause” or “waiting to autopause” to indicate that it will only pause after the current basket has been closed.

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