Away’s second designer collab just dropped

Away collaborations make headlines when they happen—the brand has teamed up with some huge names like Serena Williams in the past—and the newest capsule comes courtesy of a trio of global fashion designers. They’ve created a collection of some of Away’s best-selling luggage with their designs, and the results are available to shop from today.

The three designers include Palomo Spain, Vaquera and Ashish, and each has taken on the challenge of adding their own brand to the brand’s best-selling handbag and shoulder bag. Prices range from $155 to $295.

This design makes the idea of ​​carrying a bouquet of roses in a suitcase a reality.

Alejandro Palomo of Palomo Spain was inspired by embroideries and colors reminiscent of home.

The Bigger Carry-on with Ashish’s crayon-inspired design is now sold out, but you can still grab The Sling Bag.

Alejandro Gómez Palomo of Palomo Spain opted for one of his line’s signature florals on the suitcases to invoke the brand’s Iberian DNA, and Vaquera founder Patric DiCaprio also flourished, with photorealistic roses printed on nylon. Ashish Gupta of London-based studio Ashish says he went with crayon-inspired graphics and florals to add a pop of color to the usual parade of black suitcases you see at the airport.

These pieces are limited edition and won’t last forever, so if you have your eye on one of these artistic designs, it’s best to add it to your cart so you don’t miss out. Shop them all at Away or at one of the brand’s 13 locations.

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