‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Says You Should Buy Bitcoin, Here’s Why

Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author of the finance book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, has urged investors to start investing in bitcoins. Kiyosaki has recently become involved in the crypto market and has been sharing his thoughts and ideas on what he believes is the right way to go about it. So far, the author’s stance on the digital asset has been very bullish as he urges investors to hold the cryptocurrency.

Buy Bitcoin now

Over the past week, Kiyosaki has been warning investors about the Fed raising interest rates. This comes after the most recent FOMC meeting, where the Fed raised interest rates again by another 75 basis points (bps). The Fed explains that the interest rate hikes are being done to combat the incredibly high inflation numbers that have been recorded in recent months, but the author had accused the Fed of causing the inflation.

Kiyosaki has repeatedly advised investors to invest in other assets that will help fight inflation. The most recent of these has come in the form of urging people to invest in bitcoins. Kiyosaki explain that if the Fed continued to raise interest rates, then the value of the dollar would rise, causing assets like bitcoin to fall. However, it’s common knowledge that the Fed can’t raise interest rates forever, and Kiyosaki explains that once interest rates drop, the value of assets like bitcoin will skyrocket.

This is not the first time the author has predicted a fall in the value of the US dollar. In fact, in a previous one tweetrevealed that he expected the dollar to fall in early 2023. The reasoning behind this is that the Fed will have to go the way of England and cut interest rates.

Other assets to invest

While Kiyosaki has urged investors to put money into bitcoin in order to avoid and profit when the Fed lowers interest rates, he has also laid out other assets that he believes will also do incredibly well in this environment.

The author suggested buying silver and gold as another option for investors. He predicts the prices of these to fall alongside the price of bitcoin and then a reversal in January 2023 when he expects the fall to occur.

TradingView.com Bitcoin Price Chart

BTC at $19,223 | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

Kiyosaki had done it before published that his gold and silver dealer had told him that the “mint” had stopped selling him coins. He explains this as a tightening which means the value of the dollar will go down. He predicts 5x growth for silver during these times, and urges investors to invest in some of them.

Kiyosaki’s thoughts on this are by no means new. Investors have been using bitcoin as an inflation hedge for years, earning it the nickname “digital gold.” However, if Kiyosaki’s predictions are accurate, the next bull market will likely see an early start.

Featured image from Inversor Global, chart from TradingView.com

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