Germany Hits Record Population Growth – Investment Watch

by Martin Armstrong

There are now 84 million people living in Germany, according to the German Federal Statistical Office. This has nothing to do with the birth rate, which is down. Instead, the number of Ukrainians seeking refuge in Germany caused the population to grow by 750,000 this year.

The population in Germany grew by 0.1% or 82,000 in 2021. In 2022, the population has already increased by 1% or 843,000 people. Germany has not seen such a large influx of refugees since 2015, when Angela Merkle welcomed all Syrians into Germany. Almost a million people entered Germany in 2015, most fleeing war in the Middle East. It turned out to be a disaster, as Germany did not have the means to take care of all the newcomers, and the cultures did not integrate well.

Germany is unlikely to see such a strong influx, as other European nations are opening their borders to Ukrainians. Poland has already allowed it 6.56 million Ukrainians to enter its borders. However, Poland has reported that tens of thousands of Ukrainians who fled are now returning. Those who return are probably men who want to fight. Germany reported that the majority of its new refugees are also women (501,000).

Cultural integration is easier compared to the refugee crisis of 2015, but do these European nations have the infrastructure and financial means to support so many additional people? Those who fled Syria had nothing to return to, as their nation did not receive endless funds from the West. On the other hand, Ukrainians who fled probably plan to return after the war ends. The question becomes when can i come back as everything indicates that this war is just beginning.

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