US Secretary of State Blinken Celebrates Nordstream Pipes Bombing, Says It’s a Tremendous Strategic Achievement – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

The real President of the United States Anthony Blinken just had a “mask” moment.

Just a few days ago, Jewish State Secretary A. Blinken said that the Nordstream attack does not benefit anyone.

However, the full political and strategic benefits of this for the ZOG regime are laid out here.

Imagine my shock:

So basically these alleged people were telling the goyim that the Russians destroyed their own pipelines after spending billions on Nordstream, and then after several US officials, including the vegetable Biden, threatened to destroy the pipelines, they go there and brag about how big it is. is that the pipes are bombed.

By the way, the US government has done this before boast about the bombing of Russian pipelines.

And as usual, nothing will happen.

We live in a world of lies.

Everything these people say is a lie.

The problem is that they are not just lies, but very stupid lies.

You feel personally humiliated simply by hearing these lies.

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