Bober Crypto MT5. C чего начать? – Scalping – 3 October 2022

I hope this short guide will help you during the installation process. All of the following steps are a one-time installation.
After installing the robot, you can enjoy trading.

1. Buy a product.

2. Open a Binance Futures account .

Note: All users who subscribe via my IB link will receive an additional bundle file.

  • Follow this link to get a 10% discount on all your trades: Open a futures account.
  • If you already have an account open, you can open an additional sub-account and then put it Reference ID code JZ869X1X after opening the futures section.

3. Generate API keys:

  • Create and save your APIKey and APISecret on your computer.

Details on how to generate API keys can be found here. Here.
Don’t forget to activate your Futures account. The API limits should look like this:

4. Backtest and optimization.

  • Install the MT5 platform on your Windows PC/VPS. (Download the platform here:
  • Open MT5 and go to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors. Allow web requests and then put as well as as shown below. Click OK.
  • Drag the installed Bober Crypto MT5 to any chart.
  • The changes fashion to download all coins. Don’t forget to complete the API fields first.

After loading the coins, we have the opportunity to run backsets / optimization.

  • Open strategy tester.
  • Open the settings tab and make all the settings the same as in the screenshot below. (simulation of OHLC M1)

  • Open the “Settings” tab.
  • Set Live and Optimization mode.
  • Select the currencies in the “First currency” and “Second currency” fields. (For example, EOS and XTZ)

  • Click the “Start” button.

4. Real account.

We are now ready to apply Bober Crypto MT5 to a Binance Live Futures account.

  • Drag the robot to any chart.
  • Allow WebRequests as described above.
  • Mode == Live and Optimization.
  • Select the appropriate coins from the “First Coin” and “Second Coin” lists.
  • Adjust all other entries as needed.
  • Fill in the API keys.
  • Click OK.

You can see the trading board. The only indicator of your correct setup is the displayed Binance account balance.

Note: The layout of the trading board may vary. Just look at the USDT balance value, which should match your futures account in case of a successful setup.


5. Useful information.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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