Yes Bank, MapMyIndia, CargoExchange among 13 firms that ink non-disclosure agreement with govt to use ULIP data

As many as 13 companies, including MapMyIndia, CargoExchange and Yes Bank, have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the government to access data from the unified logistics interface platform, the commerce and industry ministry said on Saturday.

The Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) was launched on September 17 as part of the national logistics policy.

The ministry said 11 other organizations such as Instavans and Trucks, Bosch India, Portlinks and Shiprocket are in the process of signing the agreement.

The policy aims to facilitate doing business in the logistics sector by simplifying logistics processes, improving efficiency, providing transparency and visibility and reducing logistics cost and time.

“To date, 13 organizations – MapMyIndia, CargoExchange, Freight Fox, Conmove, Intugine, Eikonatech, Yes Bank, Superprocure, CargoShakti, CloudStrats, Shyplite, APSEZL and AITWA have signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to access the ULIP data,” the ministry said in a statement.

Startups are gearing up to showcase their innovative ideas to create new solutions for the industry, while large companies are mulling integration with ULIP to simplify complex logistics processes, verify vendor documents and gain visibility into the movement of burden, he added.

The ULIP platform will enable industry players to gain secure access to logistics-related information and resources available with different ministries.

Currently, 30 systems from seven ministries are integrated through more than 100 APIs covering more than 1,600 data fields for use by stakeholders.

ULIP has a dedicated portal that makes the process of data requests simpler, faster and transparent.

A support team works 24 hours a day to support industry players to register on the portal.

After registration, users must submit their use cases, which will then be reviewed based on the proposed use of the requested data, and upon successful review, users requesting data will to sign an NDA.

“With the signing of NDAs, industry players can develop APIs for integration with ULIPs. After system security check and thorough integration testing, users can get authentic data through ULIPs from various government sources,” according to the statement.

ULIP will provide direct and indirect benefits to all logistics agents such as one-click verification of driver and vehicle details, shipment tracking and tracing, route optimization planning, timely update of the destination of the shipment, the reduction of paperwork, empty transport and visibility of containers and inventory management.

By reducing regulatory, documentary and other delays, ULIP will enable structured planning aiding decision-making on optimal use of logistics modes, thereby saving cost and time, the ministry said.

By democratizing information, ULIP aims to enable industry players to create a market for revenue generation as well as abolish monopoly and tier-less advantage, he said.

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