Why is Putin Crying About Imperialism and Colonialism Anyway? – Investment Watch

by Chris Black

Russia is a multiracial empire and the largest European colonial project. It is almost twice the size of America, even after losing much of the territory of Central and East Asia.

Siberia went from almost 100% of East Asia to ~85% of Europe due to Russian colonialism. The Russians do not have clean hands when it comes to ethnically cleansing the “aboriginal” peoples; they used the same methods as Western Europeans when we conquered America and Oceania.

I don’t mind that, of course. Anyway, Caucasians inhabited Siberia before East Asians, until they were removed by conquest and assimilation.

My point is that Russia is an imperial power. Even their modern state ideology, neo-Eurasianism, is nothing more than imperialism.

Like its Marxist-Leninist ancestors, the modern Russian government seeks to fight imperialism while engaging in it.

That’s why I called it World of Clowns.

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