Metatrader 4 Templates Free To Download And Use – Charts – 29 September 2022

Want to use some of the graphic templates you see in my screenshots? Feel free to download any of them – they are attached to this article. Maybe you can use them for inspiration too! Enjoy!

  • BF2042: Inspired by the colors of the video game “Battlefield 2042”.
  • BF2042 Scheme: An outline version of the above template. Easier on the eyes.
  • Bitprint: This one is inspired by the colors of Bitcoin. Fun to use.
  • black mark: A very elegant black and white template. No more colors.
  • blueprint: My personal favorite. A dark blue background with a snow white foreground.
  • cTrader: Inspired by the colors of the trading platform cTrader.
  • cTrader Scheme: An outline-only version of the template above.
  • Kingfisher: A bright orange and aqua template. Why the name? Because of the bird!
  • Kingfisher outline: A very nice outline version of the Kingfisher template.
  • pink blue: Soft pastel tones for your business.
  • Rose blue outline: An even softer version of a soft template.
  • White print: If you prefer a light background, this is the negative of the Blackprint template.

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