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Does your EA use a martingale or grid strategy?

Not at all! My EAs aim for long-term capital appreciation over time, so don’t use anything that could expose you to account blowout or escalating losses. Cut your losses and let the profits run wild is the motto here!

What if I’m not satisfied with your product?

Don’t panic. The first thing you should do in this case is to contact me via PM or email. Tell me what you don’t like and I promise we will find a good solution together that will satisfy both parties. I am here to contribute to the forex community and that includes listening to what my clients have to say and taking them seriously.

What TP/SL levels do you recommend I use?

The EA finds the optimal levels and automatically adjusts to them. Leave everything in the settings as is (except the news filter and Lots which you can adjust according to your personal risk profile). The EA is optimized to work with these inputs and no additional files are required. All this happens in real time, in the same processing task that the AI ​​uses to check the open position with its indicators. All you have to do is sit back and watch the EA do it all for you.

I saw the mention of “AI SASR” in your backtest report. What does it mean?

AI SASR is an acronym and stands for “Artificial Intelligence System Tuning Success Rate”. Don’t worry, it looks more complex than it actually is. AI SASR is essentially a custom algorithm that quantifies how often the AI ​​AI manages to adapt to changing market conditions based on past mistakes. So an AI SASR of 90%, for example, would mean that out of 100 trades, 90 were successful in the sense that the system picked up on a previous trade that failed and made adjustments to its strategy to avoid doing harm similar trade in a future scenario.

Why is it not possible to use Metatrader’s backtesting tool to test your EA?

The Metatrader backtester definitely has some strengths that I’ve gone into in my blog post on proper backtesting (be sure to read it), but let me quickly explain why you can’t use the MT backtester with my EA and why you shouldn’t trust its results:

1. MT does not have a database for news, which will greatly distort the results of backtesting and give you an output that cannot be trusted at all.

2. The marks it models are based on artificial sample data that give you incorrect test results and are therefore not useful for testing the real profitability of the EA in the real market environment. This is true for ANY EA, regardless of who developed it! Anyone who won’t give you random out-of-sample test results is trying to sell you a promise they can’t keep!

3. When I started developing EA for MT software, I realized that the built-in backtester does not have the necessary amount of sophistication to account for intrabar adjustments of TP/SL levels, it closes trades prematurely and therefore distorts completely test results. .

Is there a specific broker you can recommend?

My personal recommendation is IC Markets. As a general rule, you should choose brokers that state in their Terms of Service that they invest their clients’ funds in banks that have deposit insurance with their respective central bank. This ensures that your capital is protected up to a certain amount in the event of broker/bank failure (usually $100,000 per client).

Can your EAs work alongside experts from other authors?

Absolutely! My EAs have no hidden restrictions and can be used simultaneously with any other EA.

How to setup your EA?

Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to properly setup any EA: https://www.mql5.com/en/forum/366161

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