The family is the final barrier to the total state. This is why leftists have have been systematically undermining to the point they can openly call for its total abolishment.

The article in question:

Family is a terrible way to satisfy our desire for love and care, according to writer and academic Sophie Lewis. The solution? Abolish it

Let’s start by abolishing our kitchens. For the 19th-century socialist philosopher and silk merchant Charles Fourier, utopia was the house without a kitchen.

If we start by abolishing our kitchens, what else could we like to destroy and create? A bit of self-governance here, a collectively organized childcare center there: start in the kitchen, and we could end up with a whole new society.

The legal and economic structure of the nuclear home warps love and intimacy into abuse, ownership, and scarcity. Children are private property, legally owned and fully financially dependent on their parents.

@Auron MacIntyre it is the best tracking on the bird site. He cleanly cuts through the envelope of “the present” to succinctly show the underlying goals of the left and “The Cathedral” and the strategy used to consolidate power.

h/t FateOfTheGirondins

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