Redditors share ‘reasonable’ goals in response to crypto billionaire survey

While some Americans believe they could become billionaires by trading cryptocurrencies, some Redditors think it may be better to aim for lower and more reasonable goals, like becoming a millionaire.

In one study, market research firm The Harris Poll surveyed 1,989 US adults and found that more than 70% are confident they have the right tools to become billionaires one day. However, community members had other goals in mind on the cryptocurrency subreddit.

One commentator believes that instead of becoming billionaires, more crypto investors should focus more on raising people’s living standards. They wrote:

“Being a billionaire is a laughable goal because it’s a move to the extreme. Raising the standard of living for all people […] it’s something that’s really achievable.”

In response to the survey results, one Redditor said that the other 30% of respondents are more “reasonable” and may just be aiming to become millionaires. After that, another commenter said that they would be happy if their crypto investments exceeded their 401k plan.

On the other hand, some members of the community pointed out that due to inflation, a billion may not be that far off. Another said that if one can play their cards right, it might happen. “Invest in crap coins and hope to hit the jackpot,” they wrote.

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Despite the bear market, community members have been actively participating and sharing their thoughts on social media. On September 23, crypto Twitter responded to Cointelegraph’s question about the bottom of crypto prices. While many are convinced that Bitcoin (BTC) can still go lower and are bracing for a bigger hit, some are hoping that this is actually the bottom because the fun in the crypto markets will resume.