Hello and welcome to my expert advisor guide Order Block Zone Scalper.

This EA is dedicated to all people who like them order blocks trading, but don’t have the time to look at charts every day or the discipline to follow a trading strategy. Order Blocks Zone Scalper is also for everyone who likes to experiment and optimize parameters on their own. If you belong to this type of people, it’s your lucky day, because I decided to keep all EA parameters available for you, so you can optimize the EA to your liking 😉

Commercial and EA experience

Before I get into the core of this EA, let me share with you my thoughts and experience with trading and EAs.

My business career started 10 years ago. I studied like crazy, read many books, manually tested many strategies and got it working with my demo trading account. However, in the moment of truth I ended up losing a lot of money. I then decided to further my expertise as an automation developer and started coding many of these strategies and testing them over long periods of time. Because? you may wonder Even during backtesting we are exposed to our own subjectivity and end up getting some trades and unconsciously ignoring others. And what can be better than following some step-by-step rules with 100% objectivity? You got it right! a computer I just had to tell the computer what I wanted to do and it would follow it step by step without hesitation.

I’ve tested and built many EAs over the years, and I’ve always faced the same problems: what works during one market period, doesn’t work in another; what looks really stable in one trading pair performs completely unexpectedly in another; what offers big profits during some phases of the market ends up blowing your account the next few trades… I even tried strategies that worked and definitely didn’t make long term profits! Sound familiar? You may even have experience in manual trading.

Now, you might be wondering: Are you saying that trading is a pantomime? Are you saying there are no profitable strategies? NO, trading is not a pantomime, there are profitable strategies and there are also profitable EAs. And not only that, you can even be profitable with bad strategies and bad EAs!

OK, but how? Thanks for your “insight”. Using your experience, or the “gut” that comes from years of experience. You need to be patient and watch the market, avoid trading or using EA in bad periods, do not take unnecessary risks so as not to lose a single day of profit. If you manage to avoid losses during bad periods, you will greatly increase your long-term profits.

I want to make you aware of the point that EAs are a tool! They follow the steps without hesitation based on the inputs you entered. This comes with some huge benefits, you can optimize the inputs you feed for a specific period and market situation based on past months or similar periods in the past, and also using an EA is less complicated, less time consuming and requires less self-discipline to follow a strategy. However, as with any tool, it requires some practice, knowledge and experience to use. Picking up a hammer and nails does not make you a carpenter!

Introduction of Order Blocks Zone Scalper

If that didn’t put you off, I’m happy to introduce you to my new EA: Order Block Zone Scalper. Order Blocks Zone Scalper is definitely one of the best tools you can find if you are interested in trading based on Order Blocks.

Here I will explain the main pillars of Order Blocks Zone Scalper EA, its filters, settings and features. Please note that I will even provide you with a lot of information, I will keep to myself how the EA handles the order blocks or how the code looks, I want to give you the highest customizable EA, but I want to avoid that no user copies it and provides a poor quality version of the EA.

So let’s begin. I wish you a lot of fun!

This EA is based on order blocks. To keep it simple, order blocks are order accumulation and distribution areas used by banks and financial institutions. These areas are used to accumulate orders before entering the market. That is why the price usually suffers a big rejection when reaching these areas.

Once a command block is recognized by the EA, it waits for a new test of that zone. As we already know, the price has a high probability of rebound from this area. That’s why, once the price moves back into the zone, we jump to a smaller time frame to look for an entry.

The default entry is defined by an EMA cross and some MA and RSI filters to increase the probability that the trade will succeed.

If the filters are met, the user can customize whether the EA should look for an entry after the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th EMA cross. Why might it be interesting to wait for the 2nd or 3rd MA cross? Remember, a first crossover can also be a retest that is a bit too strong to continue the price movement.

This EA defines the strength of an order block based on an explosive move right after the conditions of the order block are met. This outside leg and the number of candles inside the outside leg can also be customized ;).

At the same time, the more times price retries an order block, the less effective it will be. So you can customize the maximum amount of retries in an order block to still be considered as such. Also, to improve the performance of the EA, you can select the number of past candles, which the EA should analyze and whether the order blocks should be disabled after this number of candles.

This EA can perform a multi-time i multisymbol analysis and can open trades or simply provide alerts if the opening conditions are met.

Order Blocks Zone Scalper has the function of updating the trade success probability and can close the existing trade based on:

  • Number of inverse MA crosses
  • Minimum number of candles to wait before closing

It also allows you to open a forward or reverse order if the above conditions are met.

Once here, you can define various risk management parameters:

  • Fixed lot size or lot size based on current account balance
  • Stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) levels based on points, ATR or ADR percentages
  • Break even (BE), trailing stop loss (TS) or grid configuration (additional commands)
  • Maximum buy/sell orders open simultaneously
  • Maximum operations per day
  • Max win/loss per day
  • Closing positions before the weekend and at what time
  • Extend the filter to the maximum spread allowed

If you want to escalate the trade if it goes in your favor or if it runs higher than expected, you can use the additional orders feature. You can limit the number of additional orders allowed per symbol and per order block. In addition to this, additional orders also follow a similar risk management setup as mentioned above.

If you want to experiment, you have the possibility to reverse the logic or filters of the main EA. I encourage you to try it out (please always strategy tester first ;D).

Order Block Zone Scalper Setup

Order Block Zone Scalper Setup


Magic number: EA magic number. Must be unique if other EAs are running

Trading Symbol: CURRENT for single symbol trading. To trade multiple symbols, enter the symbols you want to trade using the EURUSD|OR| separator[DJI30]

Allow trading: true allows opening orders. If false only sends alerts

Trade Comment: Choose any comment for EA orders

Trade Direction: Allows you to buy, sell orders, or both

Use Reverse Logic: Reverse the complete EA logic. Change buy and sell orders

Hide Indicators: Hide initialized indicators for EA settings

Timer settings

Use Timer: If true, the EA will only open new trades on the days selected below






saturday (crypto)

sunday (crypto)

(HH:MM) Session start time

(HH:MM) Session end time


Scanning and entry deadlines. Select the same time period in 1, 2 and 3 to scan a single time period

Scan Time Period 1: Time period 1 to scan order blocks

Scan time 2: time period 2 to scan order blocks

Scan time 3: Time 3 to scan order blocks

Entry Timeframe – Smaller time period that the EA uses to find a more accurate entry

Configuration of the order blocking zone

The strength of command blocks is defined from a following explosive movement. The outside leg represents that explosive moment.

OB % to define the output [%]: This parameter defines the size of the output with respect to the potential order block to define the order block

Number of candles within the leg outside must be produced: candles with the leg outside must be produced to be considered a valid order block

Scan candle body or wick closes inside OB – Find an entry if a candle body or wick closes inside an order block

Scan Max Candles for OB – Candles to Scan in the Past to Analyze Order Blocks

Invalidate OB After Max Candles – Disable order block after this number of candles . If 0, command blocks will not be disabled based on this condition.

Maximum retries to invalidate OB (if 0, disabled): disables the command block after this many retries. If 0, command blocks will not be disabled based on this condition.

Enter the moving average settings

These parameters focus on the MA responsible for parsing the smallest time period and confirming the input.

Entry triggered by MA cross only if filters have already been passed: If true, all filters must be passed at the time of the MA cross. If false, an enabled filter that becomes true can trigger the trade

Use MA Entry: Enables or disables moving average entry as an entry condition

MA crosses for input: number of crosses that occur to activate the input



Price applied


Maximum MA crossings allowed (if 0, no maximum): If more crossings than this value have occurred, the input MA condition will be invalid

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