The Fed’s rate hike pace is the fastest in the last 40 years, and US mortgage rates have risen to their highest level since October 2008. Inflation is a lot stickier than they thought.

by silvertomars

The pace of Fed rate hikes is the fastest in 40 years…the cost of overstimulating during Covid and then being asleep at the wheel for a whole year while utter nonsense is being produced about that the inflation is transitory…

US mortgage rates jump to highest since October 2008… all is well…

Powell’s Whatever-It-Takes moment: Policy “WILL be sufficient to restore price stability.” Fed hikes 75 basis points. Shocker, he sees 4.4% by the end of 2022

Bond investors are finally starting to realize that miracles only exist in fairy tales…inflation is much stickier than they thought…the US 10-year is now yielding 3.70% more than the 3.50% yesterday…

Rand Paul: ‘We lost more to inflation’ than we got from stimulus checks and ‘We’re going to get more inflation’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “Prime News,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) reacted to a report that due to inflation, the average household will have to spend $11,500 more to stay the same standard of living stating that “we have now lost more to inflation than we were given in the form of free money”. And he predicted that because not all of the coronavirus relief money has been spent, there will be more inflation as that money is released into the economy.

Paul said: “What we know for sure is that we have now lost more to inflation than we were given in free money. The inflation came from the free checks that were handed out. They shut down the economy. They sent free checks to everybody. And they said, oh, that’ll make up for it. But guess what? When people add up how much they’re paying for gas and groceries, all the free money cancels out. And I don’t think inflation is far from over. There is still about $2 trillion sitting in the coffers of city, county and state governments that has yet to be spent. As it is spent and put into the economy, as it chases goods, it will chase the price of our goods higher. We will have more inflation, so this is not over.”

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