Telos Brings Blockchain to Ivy League Campuses With Hack Boston & Workshops At Harvard University

Blockchain technology is of great interest to hackathon participants. So, Telos will host the first cryptocurrency hackathon on an Ivy League campus. None other than the renowned Harvard University will host this three-day event.

A Crypto Hackathon at Harvard University

Given the growing interest in blockchain technology, it is reasonable to assume that there will be more hackathons and similar events. These efforts bring together people who seek to turn their bright, innovative ideas into products and services that work. These efforts will create even stronger momentum with the support of renowned Ivy League campuses. Hack Boston, which will be hosted at Harvard University, is the first event of its kind on an Ivy League campus.

From September 23 to 25, more than 300 students will participate in workshops and tutoring sessions. These students come from Harvard and MIT, two of the most prominent universities in the world, and other Ivy League universities. As a result, attendees will have a better insight into blockchain technology and its possibilities.

Additionally, the Hck Boston workshops are designed to introduce more people to Web3 technology. This is possible with the help of Telos, one of the leading blockchain ecosystems. Telos has built its presence by supporting hackathons, dApp developers, supply chain management solutions, etc. With its powerful and robust infrastructure, Telos aims to play a growing role in decentralized solutions with mainstream appeal.

Telos will be represented at Hack Boston by Justin Giudici and Jesse Schulman. Together, they will host the “Get Started: Build a Faster and Fairer DeFi on Telos” workshop and provide a comprehensive understanding of this ecosystem. Unlike other networks, Telos prides itself on ESG compliance, fixed gas prices and world-class scale. Justin and Jesse will also provide mentoring to participating hacker teams to help them achieve their goals.

Coming to a new era for Blockchain technology

Getting a foot in the door on Ivy League campuses has been a long process for the broader blockchain industry. However, Telos has successfully discovered the code, with the help of the Harvard and MIT blockchain clubs and the Web3 learning app EasyA. In addition, the future impact of Web3 technology has become more tangible. The Hack Boston hackathon will continue to build on this momentum and drive the industry forward.

There are also two big prizes: $4,000 and $6,000, respectively, for the winning teams. In addition, Telos will award awards to blockchain projects focused on real-world impact and decentralized finance. Winners must pay attention to the use or implementation of Web3 technology in these proceedings. Blockchain technology can change the lives of millions of people, especially when real-world use cases come to fruition.

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