Hot To Set Up Bot Telegram For MT4 Notification – Other – 21 September 2022


My product:

Telegram bot

Create a Telegram bot that sends messages from MT4 to your chat, channel or group.

Configure the Telegram bot

  • Go to Telegram and search @BotFather
  • To send /newbot and follow the instructions given by the BothFather
  • Choose a name and username for your bot
  • You will get the witness for your bot (use this token to access the HTTP API)

    See the image below
    create a telegram bot

  • Load MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider EA on a chart in your MT4 terminal
  • In the entries, paste the token you got from BotFather

Find your group/channel username

  • Enter your group/channel username: @xxxxxx in the EA input parameter

Make your bot an admin in your group/channel

  • Create the Telegram group or channel where you want the EA to send messages.
  • Add the newly created bot to the group/channel and make it an admin.
    Group Information –> Manage Group –> Administrations –> ADD ADMIN –> Your bot –> Save

Allow WebRequest

Open your MT4 terminal and go to “Tools” –> “Options” –> “Expert Advisors”
Enable the “Allow WebRequest for the listed URL:” bracket and add the following URL:


Your MT4 signal provider on Telegram is ready to use!

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