Biden says “no one threatened Russia” and “no one other than Russia sought conflict” in Ukraine 

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement of immediate partial mobilization is no surprise, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told German media BILD.

The ad shows that Russia has “problems with officers and other military personnel,” he said.

“We already know that they mobilized cadets, guys who couldn’t fight. These cadets have fallen. They couldn’t even finish their training. All these people can’t fight. They have come to us and they are dying,” he explains. . The account of the BILD interview, which he translated into German. “He sees that his units are fleeing. He needs an army of millions to come to us. Because he sees that a large part of those who come to us simply flee.”

CNN translated the BILD report.

“He wants to drown Ukraine with blood, but also with the blood of his own soldiers,” added Zelensky.

Zelensky said he had not seen Putin’s speech.

“It wasn’t my favorite video,” he said, adding that the speech “wasn’t anything new to me.”

BILD said Zelensky insisted that Ukraine’s plans to regain its territory would not be affected.

“We will act step by step according to our plans. I am sure we will liberate our territory,” he said, according to BILD.

He said referendums planned by Kremlin-backed authorities later this week in occupied Ukrainian territories were a “sham” and that 90 percent of governments would not recognize them.

Zelesnky also told BILD that he does not believe Putin will use nuclear weapons despite the Russian president’s thinly veiled warning earlier Wednesday.

“I don’t think he will use them. I don’t think the world will allow him to use those weapons,” he said, adding this warning that “we can’t look into that person’s head, there are risks.”

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