iBotTrader – Neural Networks – 19 September 2022

This is our latest expert advisor based on artificial intelligence algorithm that will constantly adapt to market conditions without the use of martingale, grid or any other risky trading technique, it is an action algorithm pure pricing powered by our AI engine.

You can easily put our expert on the chart and leave it, a complete set and forget EA.

It works with H1 graphics and has been carefully crafted with the latest AI techniques.

This AI algorithm is built for gold symbols and trades best with your 4 symbols: XAUUSD, XAUAUD, XAUJPY, XAUEUR

How to run:

To start the EA on a live account, lunch it on a XAUAUD chart and a H1 time frame and select the load deposit % value (max loss per trade) between 1 and 4. For a account balance of $1,000, we recommend 1%.

if you do not do it get XAUAUD on your account do this:

remove the symbols you don’t have from the “all pairs” entry, then run the wizard on the first symbol of the “all pairs” entry, and if you have Gold instead of XAUUSD, simply enter the Gold inside the “all even” entry. (all symbols must be separated by commas and no space in between)

important steps:

Make sure to check the “Allow Algo Trading” box on the common tab when you want to run the EA:

allow algo trading box

Make sure to click on the Algo Trading button and turn it green:

algo trade button

After these two steps, the EA icon in the upper right corner of the chart should be blue:
blue icon

To get the best performance from iBotTrader, we recommend a low spread account (Raw, ECN) with a minimum leverage of 1:100.
As everyone knows, market data can vary from broker to broker: ticks, spread and swap, so make sure you select a RAW trading account to get the best spread. (For more information and help opening an account, please contact us)

Ticket details:

[Symbols Settings]

all couples: you should enter all the symbols you want to trade, it is better to leave it as default.

PREFIX: If your symbol has a prefix like a.XAUUSD you must put .a inside this entry.

SUFFIX: if your symbol has a prefix like XAUUSD.m you must put .m inside this entry.

[Base Settings]

charge deposit% (0==fixed batch) : Here you set the risk you are willing to take for each trade, for example, if you put the value 2, when each order reaches the stop, you will lose 2 percent of your balance. If you set it to 0, the batch for each order will do it

remains fixed with the input value below this option.

fixed solar: If you set the load depot to 0, the value of this entry will be the batch for each order.

sliding: slide of each order when the order is opened.

GTM automatic change: If enabled, it will automatically calculate the GMT change for your broker.

manual GMT change: If the above entry is Off, you must enter your broker’s GMT shift manually.

order comment: comment of each order.

magic number: If you want to run multiple experts side by side, you must set a different magic number for each expert.

pips at end (0=off): If this option is 0, the trailing stop will be disabled, if it is above 0, it will start trailing the stoploss of the iBotTrader order in that amount of pips.


just buy: If this option is enabled, the expert will only open buy signals and ignore any incoming sell signals.

just sell: If this option is enabled, the expert will only open sell signals and ignore any incoming buy signals.

maximum number of offers: maximum number of orders that can be opened at the same time. if the number of orders reaches this number, the expert will not open any new orders.

not open for spread greater than: (0==disabled): this option filters the opening of orders by spread , if the spread is higher than this value (in points) it will not open the order, 0 means it will be disabled.

close on the high drop: This option will close all iBotTrader orders if the reduction is greater than the value of the entry below this entry.

% reduction to close everything: If the above entry is enabled, if the equity is below the value of this entry, it will close all iBotTrader orders.

closes friday: If this option is enabled, it will close the entire order on Friday at the hours and minutes set by the following entries.

close on Friday: closing time for all orders on Friday.

close Friday minute: minute to close all orders on Friday.

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