Adnan Syed conviction vacated by judge in 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee

More than two decades after Adnan Syed was sentenced to life in prison and eight years after the shaky case against him became the focus of the hit podcast “Serial,” a Baltimore judge ordered Monday that the Syed’s conviction was overturned and he walked out a free man.

There were screams inside the court as officers untied Syed’s shackles.

Syed, 41 and imprisoned for more than two decades, was led into the courtroom full of handcuffs on Monday. But after Circuit Court Judge Melissa Phinn ordered Syed’s conviction vacated, he was shackled and left in a white shirt and tie. His mother and other representatives of the family left with him.

Phinn ruled that the state violated its legal obligation to share exculpatory evidence with Syed’s defense. She ordered that he be released from custody and placed on house arrest with GPS location monitoring. He also ordered the state to decide whether to seek a new trial date or dismiss the case within 30 days.

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