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Frequently asked questions

Is it a martingale or grid strategy?

No, not at all, he may open some orders in the same pair, but it is purely because he saw opportunities for another entry, but none of the positions are related and they are all separate from each other.

How many activations do I have?

Orion comes with 10 activations, usually this amount is enough for us he never had a situation were someone needsed more, but if it happens we can figure something out

What type of account should I use?

Preferably a low spread account (ECN, Raw) with at least 1:100 leverage is advised.

What pairs does it support?

It works best on pairs that are quoted in USD because the AI ​​is based on that currency


Can Orion overcome the FTMO challenge?

The ai is not trained specifically for prop signature challenges, but in later tests. Fof this year (2022).s DD below 5% with 1% risk and around 100% profit until 12 th of September, Having said that, YES, you could possibly overcome the challenges but with your responsibility

My symbols have prefix or suffix, what do I do?

Leave the trading symbols as they are and in the following entries add your suffix or prefix. For example, if EURUSD is xEURUSD, put “x” in the prefix entry. If it is EURUSDx, put an “x” in the suffix entry

How much profit can I get per month?

Usually around 10 percent with a 1 percent risk (some fluctuations may occur due to market conditions)

Do you only support hedge accounts?

Yes. Orion MUST be run only in hedge account for optimal performance

What is an approximate disbursement per month?

Typically below 5% if using 1% risk per trade

Posttest reduction is low, should I use a higher risk percentage?

it is your choice but we recommend you to keep it with 1% risk in case the market startss acting abnormally

What if my account is in a currency other than USD?

It doesn’t matter, Orion handles it automatically included uncommon coins but if there was a new coin that the EA has problems with, we will fix it immediately

Can Orion run alongside other experts?

Yes, but make sure all your expert advisors have different magic numbers

Is there a Telegram group?

Yes, there is a Telegram customer support group. Please private message me for an invite or leave a comment in the comments section after purchase

Is Orion available for purchase anywhere else?

No, Orion is only available in MQL5, if it’s anywhere else, it’s definitely not original

What time frame should I use?

AUDUSD H1 chart is optimal. Orion will automatically change all the symbols it has been trained for

How often do you plan updates?

Orion is perfect as it is now. However, if necessary, we make updates based on market trends

How u with T he E expert?

How to start the expert:

Run Orion on one chart only: AUDUSD (H1 period only). Once attached to a chart, it will automatically scan the charts of other currency pairs and open positions accordingly.

How to fix error 4752?

This error indicates that you have not enabled auto trading. To fix this, you need to perform two tasks:

First, the “Algo Trading” button at the top of the Metatrader terminal should be green (activated)

Next, in the Expert Settings under the “Common” section, the “allow Algo trading” box should also be checked.

Is the default setting good?

The default settings are great, but you can change them to suit your trading style.

What is the minimum recommended starting balance?

This is put at $500 per 0.01 if you opt for the fixed lot sizing method. If you choose the lot sizing method: based on the balance, the risk percentage should be something like this:

· 0.5% min. $3000

· 1% min. $1500

· 5% min. $300.

How to fix the error “Unable to load indicator ‘Average True Range'”?

It means the chart history is not loaded, to fix this open all the charts for the symbols you have included in the symbol list and let the charts load.

How to increase the size of traded lots?

One of the simplest wayss increasing the size of the traded lot is increasing the Risk of each trade (%) or making use of the fixed lot.

What determines T/P?

The AI ​​is trained on the entire market and based on what it has learned, it will decide how much profit it can take from any position.

What determines the S/L?

Like the T/P, the stop loss is determined by the amount of space a position needs to reach the target.

tickets d details

Detailed description of Orion tickets:


Symbols you like to swap with, we recommend the defaults, remember to add pairs all in uppercase with no space and separated by a coma

Expert Comment:

This is a comment section that some users find quite useful. You can easily edit it by double clicking on the comment which is currently set to “OAI” which stands for Orion Artificial Intelligence.

Symbol Suffix:

if your broker requires it, be sure to include it. For example, if the EURUSD pair with your broker is EURUSDx, you MUST put “x” here

Symbol Prefix:

if your broker requires it, be sure to include it. For example, if the EURUSD pair with your broker is xEURUSDx, you MUST put “x” here

Magic number:

This is where you set your magic number if you need to. please make sure it is different from other magic numbers used in other charts


Setting it to zero means it will automatically calculate the lot basisd on the risk percentage of the entry below, but if you set it to any number, it will use that as the lot value for all orders.

% risk in case of automated lot:

For example, if you set it to 1 percent, it will lose exactly 1 percent if any order reaches loss

Maximum open positions

Orion will not have more than 20 positions open at any time by default

Maximum spread for market order in pips

This is the maximum spread the EA is allowed to open a position. In case Orion wants to make a trade but the spread is too high, it will not be placed. 0 means it does not filter any operations

Shut it all down when the DD capital arrives:

If enabled, it will close all orders when the reduction set below is reached

Capital DD:

If you set the above to true, you can set the actual reduction limit, For example, if your capital is $1000 and you value it at 10, then all your open trades will be automatically closed once the total withdrawal reaches -100 USD. It is currently set at 35%

Daily Goal:

For example, if you set it to 1, if you make a profit of 1 percent in one day, it will not be traded until tomorrow, zero means it is disabled

Close everything when the daily goal is reached:

If the previous entry is not zero and this entry is orn, when daily target is reached (including net worth) it will close all orders, otherwise it will only calculate the balance and not includeYes the open positions

Back beeps

Here you can indicate what the trailing stop distance should be and the current price

Zero means it is disabled.

Start tracking

Here, you can specify after how many profit pips the tracking should start

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