Social Media Buzz: DeSantis v. Newsom, the Queen, Figma, Cardi B

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(Bloomberg) — What’s on social media this morning:

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The argument over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ controversial flight of Venezuelan asylum seekers to Massachusetts has escalated into a conflict between potential US presidential candidates and their respective health care products of the hair

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, challenged DeSantis to debate the measure, accusing the Republican governor of “playing politics with people’s lives.” DeSantis mocked Newsom on Friday for asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Texas’ flight and transport of migrants to northern cities, saying “her hair gel is interfering with her brain function”. Newsom, asking for a debate, tweeted the hat he would be wearing on his gel, but told DeSantis, “Bring the hairspray.” The governors are considered the best chances for the presidential nomination of their parties.

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The UK is saying goodbye to Queen Elizabeth in a particularly British way, with an orderly queue to pay tribute to her coffin that at one point lasted 24 hours. By Saturday, the line had been reduced to about 12 hours.


Wall Street analysts declined to comment on FedEx’s miss in its forecast for the current quarter and its withdrawal from full-year guidance. It was the “weakest set of results we’ve seen relative to expectations in our ~20 years of analyzing companies,” Deutsche Bank AG researchers said. Shares ended down 21% on Friday.

Although early investors in design software startup Figma made a windfall of at least $2 billion from its sale to Adobe for $20 billion, some creatives are questioning what changes could come to the platform At least for now, nothing, according to Figma co-founder and CEO Dylan Field. “When we started Figma, our stated vision was to ‘bridge the gap between imagination and reality.’ I believe we can achieve this goal substantially faster through our plan to join forces with Adobe,” he said in a post on blog


Rapper Cardi B weighed in on the US economy, noting that interest rates are rising as the Federal Reserve tries to control inflation and “the rent is too high.” He also referred to the housing shortage, a problem around the world, from the United States to Canada to Singapore.

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