Pattern Trader MT5 – Settings – Other – 16 September 2022


Information panel:

GMT Time, Magic Number, Margin Risk, Free Margin, Lot Size Range, Open Orders,


Button panel (moves with chart resizing):

“EA On/Off”, Buy/Sell On/Off, Order Alert* On/Off, Info Panel On/Off

*Adjustable stop order price distance alert in points to announce that a potential market entry is nearby.

Money management:

Free Margin Trade Risk %, Account Risk % Limit, Maximum Lot Size Limit,

Trade protection in fixed lot mode on/off, margin risk, balance or capital selectable

Benefit management:

Breakeven Stop: Breakeven stop profit level benefit

Trailing Stop: Intelligent tracking algorithm, min.%/max.% independent of the other adjustable

Trading time:

December cut off day on/off

Monday Swap On/Off

Friday Stop-Orders Remove time

[_______________ OPENING & CAPITAL-RISK PARAMETERS _______________]




magic number

0 -…

Distinguish among other commands from other EA(s) in the terminal. The EA only handles orders with this number

Show the information panel


Show the information panel at startup. The button panel is shown by default

Account amount mode

Margin/Balance/Net Equity

Select the desired mode

min account Free balance (0=disabled)

0 -…

Minimum remaining free balance in case of full disposal of the account

acc. % Risk/Trade (0=off

0 -…

Enable order line trading if affected by price

Min Lot Size (if % risk/trade > 0)

0.01 -…

If risk = 0, the lot size is taken as fixed lot

LotSize Max. (if % risk/trade > 0)

0.01 -…

If risk > 0, the lot size is taken as the maximum, regardless of the increase in balance. It reduces the percentage risk per trade, especially useful if the account starts with a small balance and a high level of risk for faster growth but more security for profits.

Commercial protection in fixed lot mode


If a fixed lot is selected (risk=0), the system checks whether the stop loss of the current trading pattern potentially exceeds the available amount in the worst case. If yes, the pattern will be rejected

Max. Propagation

0 -…

Maximum spread allowed to open orders

Working time

M1 – MN1

Current selected time period

Order comment

Fill in the order comments field

[_______________ TRADING PARAMETERS (POINTS) _______________]

Buy StopLoss Deviation


It can be used to extend/reduce the stop loss, generated by the pattern

Sell ​​the StopLoss deviation


It can be used to extend/reduce the stop loss, generated by the pattern

Buy input deviation


It can be used to expand/reduce the purchase order entry point, generated by the pattern

Entry deviation sale


It can be used to expand/reduce the sales order entry point, generated by the pattern

Operate purchase operations

Activate/deactivate purchase orders

Operate sales operations

Activate/deactivate sales orders

Activation of profit balance

0 -…

Profit, when the activation value is exceeded

Breakeven of profits

0 -…

Stop benefits, if you withdraw from the activation benefits

Activation of the benefits route

0 -…

If the breakeven point is enabled, the value must be set to a value greater than the B/E profit

Min. Profits (%) saved @Trail Activation

Home % of benefits saved on route activation

Max. Profits (%) saved at current price

% maximum distance to save. The lower, the sooner you get the benefits

Show the information panel

If disabled, the button panel is shown by default. Therefore, the information panel can be activated later using the reference button key

Order stop alarm

If stop orders are opened on the chart and the price exceeds the point value set below, an alert is raised

Stop command alarm distance

0 -…

Value if the warning alarms

Monday trade

By default it has been disabled because most of the bad patterns occur on Mondays as the market liquidity is partially thin

Friday Stop-Orders Delete Time (0 = disabled)

0 – 23

Used to avoid holding stop orders over the weekend as Monday morning opening prices can differ significantly

December trading cutoff day (0 = disabled)


It is used to avoid holding or opening stop orders and positions during the Christmas period, as New Year’s opening prices can differ significantly

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