Fight Club Portfolio EA – Be Profitable and Consistent on the Forex Market – Trading Strategies – 15 September 2022

Fight Club Portfolio EA working since 2003

The system has an edge over the market, as you can see below, with steady growth!

Eurosd Since 2003:

the best strategy of eurusd

See, most of the time the EA is profiting from the market, the odds are on our side!

Now I’ll show you the results of strategy 2 that works with Gbpjpy:

robot forex trend

Check out the results of strategy 3 working with Audjpy:

best ea for metatrader 5

As you can see, each of these 3 pairs benefits most of the time, but instead of trading just 1 pair, why not trade all 3 as a portfolio?

Yes you can, check out the results of Strategy 1 – Eurusd, Strategy 2 – Gbpjpy and Strategy 3 – Audjpy working together:

big banks and forex

An amazing profit, as you can see, the capital curve in blue in the image above shows the stability, profitability and low drawdown we have, which is amazing!

You can profit from Fight Club Portfolio EA, even if one strategy has a losing trade, the other 2 would have a positive trade, so your account is protected.

By trading 3 strategies in different pairs that have an edge over the market, you will trade like banks, exactly like professional traders and hedge funds.

Here are more portfolio results:

metatrader 5 best and forex

As you can see, the Fight Club Portfolio EA is different from most EAs around, working since 2003 with an edge over the market, you can finally trade with confidence and peace of mind, let’s look at the benefits of Fight Club Portfolio again EA:

1 – Time: H1
2 – Couples: Eurusd Gbpjpy Audjpy
3 – Minimum balance: $50
4 – The EA supports FIFO
5 – Passed through strict high quality back testing since 2003
6 – Intelligent entry and exit system with Stop Loss and Take Profit
7 – The EA yes do not use martingale or grid
8 – Advantage over the market

metatrader trend indicator

Now is your chance to trade with an EA that actually works!

TK45 fr56

EA Fight Club Wallet (MT4) EA Fight Club Wallet (MT5)

best trend indicator

For any questions related to the purchase, installation, subsequent testing and use of the EA, Send me a private message on my profile here at mql5

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