Description of the news filter for the Great Breakthrough Expert Advisor – Other – 15 September 2022

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a news filter

Write the link in the line as in the photo and enable Allow WebRequest

the link you need to register:

the news filter settings will look like this:

1. Enable/disable news accounting: This is the inclusion of a news filter

2. News currencies: These are currency pairs that should be considered using a news filter

write the currency pairs with a capital letter separated by commas as indicated in the photo, if you want to use a news filter for these pairs

3. How many minutes before the news do you not trade =300

this means do not trade if there are up to 300 minutes before the news in the specified pairs, maximum if 301 minutes before the news, then trades will be opened for pairs for which there will be news.

4. How many minutes after the news do you not trade=1440

this means that only after the expiration of 1440 minutes (days) it will be possible to open transactions in currency pairs for which there was news.

the strength of the news is indicated by an asterisk * where a star * is a weak news

two stars ** medium strength news.

three stars *** strong news that can cause strong moves and breaking levels.

I would recommend using the settings as it is just to include three stars *** true and the expert advisor will only consider those news.. but that’s just my opinion.. if you feel you need to use all the news at once to three stars, use everything then.

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