DA Hike: 7th Pay Commission Latest News: Announcement likely to be soon – new updates here

Estimate bonus: The way is now almost clear for face allowance (DA) of central government employees and pensioners. In this, a further step has been taken. The DA proposal has been moved to the central cabinet. Zee Business has learned through its sources that files related to DA and DA hike have reached the central cabinet. The proposal is likely to have an advantage.

The source has quoted that the government’s approval is likely to be given in the last week of September and the announcement about DA will come. The DA hike will likely be increased by 4 percent. Currently, the DA increase is 34 percent. After the increase it will be 38 percent.

Will the DA increase increase for the second time this year?

The central government announces a DA hike twice a year, once every six months. First in January and then in July. In January 2022, the DA increase was 3% from 31% to 34%.

The hike is based on AICPI (All India Consumer Price Index) data. The increase is made from this data.

52 lakh employees and 63 lakh pensioners to benefit

The DA increase for the period July-December 2022 will benefit 52 thousand employees and 63 thousand pensioners. The minimum basic pay in the 7th pay commission (7th CPC) is Rs 18,000.

Calculation of the minimum basic salary

1. Minimum basic salary of the employee: 18000 rupees per month
2. Current DA (34%) – Rs 6120 per month
3. New DA (38%) -Rs 6840 per month
4. Amount has increased with the new DA: Rs 6840-6120 = 720 per month
5. Annual salary increase – 720X12= Rs 8640

Calculation of the Maximum Basic Salary

1. Minimum basic salary of the employee – Rs 56900 per month
2. Current DA (34%) – Rs 19,346
3. New DA (38%): Rs 21,622
4. The amount has increased with the new DA: Rs 21,622 to Rs 19,346 = Rs 2,276 per month
5. Annual Salary Increase – 2276 X12= Rs.27,312

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